Application Period:  These procedures are effective immediately and will stay in place until further notice.

Time to Report: Cadets will arrive in cohorts as follows - PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR REPORTING TIME!

0715 - Cadet Leadership/Adult Volunteers

0730 – Sea Cadets

0745 – League Cadets

0800 – Muster/Colors/Uniform Inspections

Muster/Check-in General Instructions:

  • Upon initial check-in at drill, cadets and volunteers must comply with the

following requirements to be admitted:

  • Temperature of 100.0°F or lower

  • No signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or flu-like illnesses

  • No known interaction with a person with COVID-19 or symptoms thereof in

  • the previous 14 days

  • Completion of NSCC Intake Checklist

  • Completed NSCC COVID-19 Attestation document

  • Any cadet or volunteer who does not meet all of these criteria may not participate

in NSCC or NLCC activities for a period of at least 14 days from the last day of

symptoms, or interaction.

  • All cadets MUST bring a cloth(issued) or disposable surgical mask - NO NECK GAITERS. It is recommended they bring two. Cloth masks should be washed after drill.  Cadets should arrive with a mask around their neck and should be wearing it during the temperature check.


Screening/Drop-off Procedures:

  • All cadets are to stay in their vehicle and proceed into the parking lot and form a line in front of the VMC. (Volunteers will indicate where to go.)

  • Please stay in your vehicle until approached by our volunteers.

  • You will be instructed to roll down the window next to cadet.

  • An adult staff member will take a non-touch temperature of the cadet. If the cadet temperature is above 100 degrees, or if the cadet reports any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or flu-like illness, per HQ guidelines, the cadet will be instructed to return home and not participate in drill activities for 14 days.

  • All cadets must complete an NSCC Intake Checklist Form and a NSCC COVID-19 Attestation Document to attend drill. Please print the attached forms, complete and bring with you to drill. This MUST be an original signed document, no digital forms.

  • Parents/guardians should stay on-site until check-in is complete, but remain in their vehicles.

  • Any Cadets who meet the initial screening criteria will exit the vehicle, take their bag, masks, and hydration equipment, and will be instructed to proceed immediately to a handwashing station before reporting to the muster area.

  • Parents of cadets who exhibit any COVID or flu-like symptoms during drill shall be notified as soon as practicable.

Procedures throughout the Drill:


  • Most of the evolutions will be performed outside and conducted at double-arm interval.

  • When permission is granted by HQ to return to PT as a permissible evolution, it will be performed at a distance of at least 10 feet. No PT exercises will be performed that require a partner or physical contact with another cadet.

  • Sanitation stations will be accessible.

  • Hand washing stations –will be located outside for each drill period.

  • Cadets will NOT share hydration packs, water cups, or any other item of equipment with any other cadet or adult.

  • Heat exhaustion precautions will be taken when necessary.



  • Any evolutions taken indoors will be designed in assigned squads of 10 or fewer as appropriate to the indoor training to be provided. Social distancing of 6’ shall be practiced while indoors in all possible circumstances.

  • Weather – should weather require all cadets indoors, unit offices will be prepared to locate all cadets in designated locations throughout the unit offices that permit for 6’ of distance.

  • All indoor spaces will be cleaned and disinfected regularly and conducted in accordance with national guidelines.

  • Sanitation stations and hand washing will be required at the end of each evolution and prior to dismissal; no more than two cadets in the head at one time.



All cadets will report to the hand washing station and wash and sanitize before having contact with parents/rides or entering their vehicles.